2 FOR 1: Don’t Worry beHAPPY


Buy Don’t Worry beHAPPY and receive Relax, Renew, Refocus for FREE.

Profound relaxation for your body and mind. All you have to do is lie there.



Experience profound relaxation for your body and mind by treating yourself to yoga nidra (guided meditation).  All you have to do is lie there.

Achieve a deep state of relaxation with Don’t Worry beHAPPY (35 minutes) which includes body sensing, pranayam (breathwork) and manomaya kosha – emotions (happiness/anger).

To purchase, e-transfer susan@agriosmindfitness.com $25.00 + GST ($26.25) and make the password beKIND. Specify in your e-transfer message which email you would like the download sent to. Contact us if you do not receive a link within 48 hours. Also please download both videos within 72 hours of receiving them. Note the download is only available to the email you provide.