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It takes 40 days to break or change a habit
Get ready for the beKIND Mindfulness Training & 40 Day beKIND Mindfulness Challenge
Over 19 000 adults, teens and kids have taken the beKIND Mindfulness Challenge
Will you be the next?

Susan Agrios, former K-12 school teacher, fitness trainer, elite athlete, international yoga & meditation teacher developed the signature beKIND Mindfulness Trainings & a beKIND Mindfulness Kit so you can transform your busy and hectic day into a calmer, more focused and productive day.

During this training Susan teaches you a variety of mindfulness techniques (1-12 minutes) for relaxation, self-regulation, focus and concentration to integrate in your daily life. You will also experience in 30 seconds how you can shift a negative thought pattern with a simple breathing technique. We will conclude this session with a meditation backed by scientific research showing benefits fro depression, improved sleep, reduced stress and increased blood flow to the frontal lobe… the area responsible for attention, focus, concentration and memory. It’s simple and easy to do all you need is you.

Susan’s positive energy is contagious.  Full of passion for what she does and compassion to help others she has trained over 2 000 people (teachers, parents, business people, athletes, counsellors, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists etc.) with the beKIND Mindfulness Kits and over 20 000 adults, teens and kids have taken her beKIND Mindfulness Challenge.  Will you be the next?

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The beKIND Mindfulness kit includes a PDF and audio download. Just press play and listen as Susan guides you through mindfulness techniques that can induce profound relaxation for the body & mind. The PDF includes mindfulness exercises, daily mindfulness techniques (1-12 minutes) for relaxation, self-regulation, concentration, depression and sleep to integrate in your daily life as well as the 40 day beKIND Mindfulness Challenge.  Some of the mindfulness techniques are backed by scientific research out of a variety of Universities in the USA.  It’s simple and easy to do.  All you need is you!

Mindfulness Training (Before ________: $60.00 + GST,  After ________: 75.00 + GST and Mindfulness Kit ($50.00 + GST)

SAVE $10.00 on the kit if you sign up for the training (total $100.00 + GST)
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