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TIME OUT Mindfulness Training & Mindfulness Challenge (Open to the public)


Thursday October 12, 2017 from 2:45-4:45 @ Riverdale School.  TIME OUT Mindfulness Training for yourself & to share with others with a special healing meditation in memory of Drea Wonnacot.  

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Product Description

Susan Agrios, former K-12 school teacher, fitness trainer, elite athlete, international yoga & meditation teacher developed TIME OUT Mindfulness Trainings & a Mindfulness kit for teachers, students and parents. During this training Susan teaches you a variety of mindfulness techniques (3-11 minutes) for relaxation, stress reduction, concentration, focus, memory, self-regulation and depression. Susan’s positive energy is contagious.  Full of passion for what she does and compassion to help others she has trained over 1400 people (teachers, parents, business people, athletes, counsellors, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists etc.) with the TIME OUT Mindfulness Kits and over 9000 adults and kids have taken her 40 Day Mindfulness Challenge.  Will you be the next?

Proceeds go towards Mindfulness Programs in schools


Kit SOLD SEPARATELY. Click here to purchase kit.
The kit includes a PDF and audio download (just press play and listen as you are guided through mindfulness techniques that can induce profound relaxation for the body & mind), mindfulness exercises as well as daily mindfulness techniques (3-11 minutes) for relaxation, stress reduction, concentration, focus, memory, self-regulation and depression.  Some of the mindfulness techniques are backed by scientific research out of a variety of Universities in the USA.  It’s simple and easy to do.  All you need is you!


“A brief moment with Drea Wonnacott yet a lasting profound impact…
After taking one of my Mindfulness Trainings a lovely young lady and mother, Drea introduced herself and over time shared with me her brave story and battle with cancer… her story and her will to live touched me. We spent some time together and while our time was short her impact on me remains. She told me she loved how I was bringing meditation and mindfulness into schools and asked if I would do a Mindfulness Training at Riverdale School. Without hesitation I agreed and Drea got the ball rolling and set things in motion for a Mindfulness Training on October 12 at Riverdale School. I was sad when I received the news she passed. So in memory of Drea and those that have lost loved ones or need some healing for themselves or others we will also be doing a special healing meditation. Everyone will also receive a beautiful download video of students I taught doing this healing meditation so you too can do it along with them. Hope you can join us”. Susan Agrios xo